At DSEI today, Lockheed Martin confirmed that the Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme (CSP) is on schedule having completed 20 battlefield missions (BFM) so far.

The company added that it expects the Warrior CSP to have completed 40 BFMs by November this year.

Lockheed is developing the Warrior CSP programme using legacy bodies from BAE Systems to deliver enhanced reliability, survivability and lethality to The British Army.

One of the key improvements of the Warrior CSP is increased lethality with the introduction of a stabilised turret which can be fired on the move.

During trials the main cannon has been fired almost 3,000 times, with the supporting chain-gun having fired around 40,000 rounds during testing. So far the Warrior CSP has covered nearly 13,000km during testing. The company is expecting to carry out further live fire trials towards the end of this month.

The turret has been tested successfully for use on a range of targets including in moving-on-moving engagements.

The vehicle is fitted with a 360-degree camera array on the turret to give operators a full picture of the combat environment. Lockheed said this was designed to improve survivability, giving the troops housed in the Warrior a more rounded view of the environment they are deploying into.

Lockheed Martin stressed that the programme was on schedule despite reports to the contrary, saying it achieved its timeframe by using a ‘three on, three off’ approach where vehicles would be used for tests and then maintained while others tested different requirements. This approach has given the Warrior CSP programme a faster testing schedule.

The testing of the Warrior CSP is also possibly the first time the British Army has tested a high-calibre system of this kind since the Challenger II in 1990.

Lockheed Martin said it expects the FV520 and FV521 variants of the system to pass qualification and verification by around July 2021. The system is also expected to pass design acceptance in August 2021.

At a press briefing at DSEI Lockheed Martin said it is absolutely committed to the Warrior CSP programme and has no ‘plan B’. The company plans to send a final request for quotations to suppliers in Q4 this year.