Drone Aviation has delivered an advanced real-time video distribution upgrade kit for the US Army’s Winch Aerostat Small Platform (WASP) aerostat systems.

The company has completed the contract to develop, test and deliver the new plug and play video distribution upgrade kit.

The video kit enables enhanced integration with soldier communication handsets.

The upgradeable kit will enable distribution of video captured by the WASP’s intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) sensor to soldiers and the tactical operations centre (TOC) at the same time.

The full-motion video is distributed to a dismounted a soldier’s mobile device using the Android Tactical Awareness Kit (ATAK).

Drone Aviation CEO and president Dan Erdberg said: “Drone Aviation is honoured to be selected by our army customer to expand the capability of WASP by providing deployed soldiers with secure video directly on their existing handheld devices.

“Through continual enhancement and the ability to adapt to changing technology and mission requirements, WASP further differentiates itself and delivers value to our customers. We look forward to making this important new technology available and to bringing this expanded capability to our warfighters.”

The company performed the electronics design, architecture and integration work at its Jacksonville headquarters facility.

Drone Aviation delivered the upgraded equipment to the customer for integration into a WASP system that is currently fielded overseas.

The WASP is a tactical and mobile aerostat system designed to carry payloads in support of military operations.

The platform can be operated by two soldiers and has the ability to extend stand-off range for detection and communication.

It can provide day / night video, and multi-frequency and multi-wave form wireless communication range extension capability. The set-up to operating time for the platform is around 30 minutes.