The Czech Republic has issued a contract for the provision of spare parts for its fleet of BVP-2 armoured infantry fighting vehicles (IFV) valued at up to CZK 28.4m ($1.3m), with the programme due to run from February-October 2024.

A contract notice listed on the EUTender site, a supplement to the official supplement of the European Union, stated the deal would see the supply of spares to enable “routine and technical” maintenance on BVP-2 IFVs operated by the Army of the Czech Republic.

According to the Czech Republic Ministry of Defense, the BVP-2 is an improved version of the BVP type vehicle (international acronym: BMP) with upgraded running gear. The vehicle is designed to attack armoured targets including tanks, combat helicopters, and personnel.

In addition, the BVP enables embarked personnel to conduct small arms fire during movement, which augments the platform’s kinetic capabilities of 30mm main gun and 7.62mm PKT machine gun. The BVP is also air transportable.

BMP IFV proliferation

The BMP IFV is widely operated by Russia and former Soviet states in eastern Europe and Central Asia and has been upgraded over the decades since the type first entered service in the 1960s.

One of the latest variants is the BMP-M, which is an upgraded version of the BMP-2 IFV, designed and developed by Kurganmashzavod JSC.

Operators of the type include Algeria, which ordered the modernisation of 360 BMP-2 vehicles to the BMP-2M standard, and the Indian Army, which is upgrading 693 BMP-2/2K vehicles to the BMP-2M.

The Russian Defence Ministry placed a ten-year contract for the supply of 540 modernised BMP-2M and BMD-2 airborne vehicles in 2017.

The upgraded vehicle is being offered in two different configurations, which include BMP-2M (sb4-2) and BMP-2M (sb4-3).

The state tests of the upgraded BMP-2M IFV fitted with the Berezhok combat module were completed in December 2019. The upgraded BMP-2M vehicles were delivered to the 40th marine brigade of the Pacific fleet in January 2020.