Comtech Telecommunications has won funding to continue the development of the advanced extremely high frequency (AEHF) protected ultra (P-Ultra), protected SATCOM fly away terminal.

The company will develop the AEHF terminal in support of the Joint Communications Support Element (JCSE), which is a provider of rapidly deployable communications capabilities in order to quickly enable the joint force.

The $3m funding was awarded to Comtech’s Command & Control Technologies group by the US Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) of the US Department of Defense (DoD).

Comtech Telecommunications president and CEO Fred Kornberg said: “This funding begins an effort by Comtech to deliver secure, protected communications to the warfighter at the battle’s edge.

“This terminal will ensure that our soldiers have continued communications even when near-peer adversaries attempt to interfere.”

The contract is part of the US Army’s Network Modernization Strategy and the end state for the future army network.

Under this programme, the army intends to equip troops with the ability to fight, shoot, move, communicate, protect and sustain.

Additionally, the programme seeks to acquire the capability to enable reliable communication ‘anywhere, anytime, in all domains, in all environments, against any foe’.

The company’s command and control technologies group provides mission-critical, highly mobile C4ISR solutions to clients.

Earlier this month, the group secured $4.2m funding from the army for the development of an enhanced version of its next-generation MT-2025 Blue Force Tracking (BFT) satellite terminal.

The company will incorporate a dual-mode BFT satellite transceiver and new antenna nulling technology in the satellite terminal.