Comtech Telecommunications subsidiary Comtech EF Data has secured an order from a major US Department of Defense (DoD) contractor for satellite modems.

Comtech EF Data is part of Comtech’s Commercial Solutions segment.

As part of the order, Comtech EF Data will deliver the DMD2050E MIL-STD-188-165A/STANAG 4486 Edition 3 Compliant Universal Satellite Modem to support the US Army Project Manager (PM) Tactical Network.

Comtech Telecommunications president and CEO Fred Kornberg said: “We are honoured to continue supplying SATCOM infrastructure equipment that enables cohesive mission command for the US Army’s unified tactical network.”

Designed to comply with US Government and commercial standards, the DMD2050E Satellite Modem is compatible with the largest number of satellite modems in the industry.

It is also fully compliant with MIL-STD-188-165A (all terminal types) and complies with STANAG 4486 Edition 3, and the IESS-308, IESS-309, IESS-310 and IESS-315 commercial standards.

PM Tactical Network, which develops and supports unified network, continues to improve the US Army’s tactical network by improving the way it is operated, managed and defended across all domains.

Additionally, it enables mission command and secure reliable voice, video and data communications from the home station to the tactical edge of the battlefield, during all stages of operation.

Last October, Comtech EF Data secured an order from an unidentified European country’s ministry of defence (MoD) to supply DMD2050E Satellite Modems for deployment at the MoD’s teleports in Europe and the Caribbean.

The US Army PM Tactical Network had awarded new orders to Comtech Telecommunications in August 2018 for the delivery of Manpack Satellite Terminals and networking equipment.