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Canada is set to extend its commitment to a Nato military mission, in response to the changing security situation in Europe after Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine.

The North American country will renew the multi-year Operation Reassurance, which offers Canadian Armed Forces’ (CAF) support to Nato deterrence activities in Central and Eastern Europe.

The move was announced by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during a bilateral visit to Latvia.

Under Operation Reassurance, CAF conducts training, exercises and some Nato-specific tasks as part of collective defence. The operation was scheduled to expire next year.

Besides extending the mission, Prime Minister Trudeau recently committed up to 460 additional troops to reinforce Operation Reassurance. This will include sending more military personnel to Latvia.

He has also placed approximately 3,400 CAF personnel at a higher state of readiness to deploy to the Nato Response Force if required.

Trudeau said: “Canada continues to work in close collaboration with Nato allies to support Ukraine as it defends its people, its sovereignty, territorial integrity, and independence.”

The US also recently announced that it will send 500 additional personnel to Europe. The troops will join existing deployments to further strengthen the US’ presence in the region.

Canadian satellite builder and operator MDA CEO Mike Greenley told Reuters, in an interview, that the company is supporting Ukraine by providing it with near real-time satellite images of Russian troop movement.

Ukraine previously requested synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite data from the international community to strengthen its defences amid ongoing hostility.