Boeing has received a contract for the production and delivery of 184 Apache AH-64E helicopters for the US Army and foreign military sales (FMS) customers.

Valued at approximately $1.9bn, this is the third follow-on Apache production contract awarded to Boeing.

The initial AH-64E contract was awarded to Boeing in 2017, followed by the second multi-year award in 2019. The third multi-year contract now brings the overall value to $2.1bn.

Under the latest contract, a total of 115 remanufactured helicopters will be delivered to the US Army while the remaining 54 units are for allies and partner countries, including Australia and Egypt, which have procured Apaches as part of FMS deals.

This is the first time Australia will receive AH-64E helicopters for its armed forces.

Boeing Mesa senior site executive and Attack Helicopter Programmes vice-president Christina Upah said: “We are enhancing the US Army’s attack fleet while supporting additional partner nations and welcoming our newest Apache customer, the Australian Army.”

The new contract also includes an additional option to provide 15 more Apaches to US forces. The contract’s potential value may exceed $3.8bn if future options are exercised.

According to a US Department of Defense announcement, the new full-rate production contract will be completed by the fiscal year 2027.

Associated work will be performed at Boeing’s Mesa facility in Arizona, US. 

US Army Apache project manager colonel John (Jay) Maher said: “This multi-year contract is critical for warfighters and the entire Apache team.

“It demonstrates the army’s commitment to continue putting unmatched capability into the hands of our nation’s finest while providing stability and predictability for outstanding citizens and companies that pour their talent into producing the best attack helicopter in the world.”