Wireless network communications firm Bittium has been contracted by the Finnish Defence Forces to provide new software upgrades for the Tactical Wireless IP Network (TAC WIN) system.

The purchase order is valued at approximately €1.4m, excluding value added tax, and applies to further development work taken up this year.

According to the company, work under the order will focus on enhancing the performance of TAC WIN system’s waveform and radio platform software.

Bittium had conducted training and waveform research and field testing, and the observations made will form the basis of the development work.

TAC WIN is a software-defined, radio based, wireless broadband network system and equips mobile communications stations and command posts with broadband IP connectivity. 

The system is used by all three branches of the Finnish Defence Forces to support its combat policy and facilitate mobility and hassle-free communications.

TAC WIN works well with fixed and wireless networks. The system includes a tactical router that allows users to form wired and wireless broadband IP connections.

The system’s software-based functionality makes it easy for it to be updated with advanced features in a cost-efficient way.

Designed to meet military and public safety needs, the TAC WIN system can function well in challenging situations.  

Headquartered in Oulu, Bittium provides tactical communications technology to troops across the battlefield.  

In November 2020, the Finnish Defence Forces placed an order worth €1.1m with Bittium for its Tactical Power Pack products.