The Finnish Defence Forces (FDF) have placed an order worth nearly €1.1m with engineering company Bittium for its Tactical Power Pack products.

The products are designed to power tactical communication devices for uninterrupted use in the field for mobile troops. They will serve as accessories for the portable Bittium Tough Comnode devices.

The FDF helps address the data transfer requirements of mobile troops by using the Tough Comnode devices such as VoIP phones, P routers and SHDSL repeaters.

Bittium Tactical Power Pack consists of dual 70Wh, 6.7Ah batteries and an adapter that attaches the batteries together. This will allow the Tactical Power Pack to be used as a battery charger.

In addition, each of the two batteries in the pack can be changed rapidly one after the other while ensuring uninterrupted power supply to the charging device.

Delivery of the Tactical Power Packs will take place during the first half of next year.

In December 2018, the FDF Logistics Command received authorisation to enter a purchase agreement for handheld and vehicle Bittium Tough software-defined radios (SDR) and related accessories.

In May, Bittium secured a purchase order from the FDF for the maintenance and further development of Tactical Wireless Internet Protocol (IP) Network (TAC WIN) and Tough Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems and related products.