BAE Systems is nearing the completion of the development of its augmented reality (AR) glasses that can operate in harsh environments and on moving platforms.

The company has finalised the prototype of the glasses, which will be in the form of a lightweight headset that can be worn like a regular pair of glasses.

The finalisation is a key milestone in the product development and is the penultimate stage.

BAE Systems has stated that the headset display will provide improved head-tracking and imagery stabilisation.

Users will be able to get access to guidance, targeting, and mission information and sensor video. The display will feature free-space tracking technology.

BAE Systems head-mounted displays director Nigel Kidd said: “We’ve made significant progress since the conceptual demonstration of the AR glasses. Our engineers have been working closely with real-world end users, in both military and commercial domains, to ensure the technology meets and exceeds customer expectations.

“The final product won’t just be a world-leading display, it will provide its user with peace-of-mind. This is a system that, from concept, is being designed with end user safety and product reliability at the heart of every decision.”

The company launched the concept demonstrator of the AR glasses in 2017.

Since then, the company has worked on making enhancements to the system. The company has incorporated a full-colour display, replacing the monochrome display and increased field of view by two times.

Other improvements include the addition of an inertial head-tracker. The brightness of the AR glasses will ensure daylight readability.

The company has stated that it will work on further development of the product to meet requirements of customers.