BAE Systems Hägglunds has signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Czech Republic and Swedish governments for the new Combat Vehicle 90 (CV90).

The MoU provides a framework to negotiate agreement to deliver CV90 infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) for the armed forces of the two nations.

The negotiations associated with the contract are expected to take place in the initial half of 2023.

According to BAE Systems, the MoU will allow the Swedish and Czech governments to cooperate on CV90 acquisition, support as well as associated training for troops and equipment operators.

Other terms of MoU further pave the way for potential future collaborations between the two countries to support the development of new technologies, providing upgrades and on-going support for the CV90.

The ongoing negotiations with BAE Systems under the new MoU involve the two countries to reach a mutually agreed contract for the procurement of as many as 210 IFVs.

Additional work includes fulfilling the requirement of providing long-term CV90 support indigenously and reinforcing the commitment towards the Czech industrial participation programme.

BAE Systems Hägglunds president Tommy Gustafsson-Rask said: “We are very pleased with progress we have made in our discussions with Czech Republic and Sweden.

“We look forward to concluding contract negotiations in new year, with commitment to supporting the Czech Armed Forces in enhancing their defence and combat capabilities with the modern, combat proven CV90.”

The proposed deal involves delivery of newest CV90 IFV model, called CV90MkIV, for the Czech Army.

Equipped with advanced capabilities and digital technology, CV90MkIV offers enhanced battlefield speed and handling along with upgraded electronic build to support future needs.

Once the deal is finalised, Czech will become the ninth country to purchase CV90.