BAE Systems Hägglunds has unveiled the first test version of the upgraded Combat Vehicle 90 (CV90) for the Royal Netherlands Army.

The ‘first of type’ infantry fighting vehicle was produced at BAE’s facility in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden.

The latest upgrade follows a $500m contract awarded by the Dutch Defence Materiel Organization (DMO) to BAE Systems last year.

The contract requires BAE Systems to carry out mid-life modernisation of 122 CV90s, with the option of 19 additional vehicles.

Series production of the vehicles is scheduled to commence at the end of next year while the project is expected to be completed by the end of 2026.

The modernised CV90 is equipped with an active protection system to offer more firepower and protection for the infantry against enemy anti-tank missiles.

The upgraded version features a new turret and a relocated cannon, giving operators and crew more space to move.

The vehicle’s IT systems are also being updated for enhanced combat efficiency.

The mid-life upgrades seek to improve the infantry vehicle’s capabilities and keep it operationally relevant up to the end of its life in 2039.

Following the release of the first version, the upgraded CV90 will undergo multiple tests to validate its readiness.  

A future crew member of the vehicle said: “It is definitely a big improvement over the current CV90. More user-friendly and it gives us more protection.

“There is more space inside, and the cameras allow us to do our work in more weather conditions. I look forward to working with this new material.”