ARTEC has delivered the final batch of the Boxer armoured transport vehicles (GTK) to the Federal procurement agency (BAAINBw) and the Ministry of Defence representatives.

The vehicles were ordered by Bundeswehr for the German Army.

Boxer is an 8×8 multirole armoured vehicle capable of operating in high-intensity conflict, as well as relief and humanitarian operations.

The contract for the second batch, which was signed in December 2015, comprised 131 GTK Boxers and was valued at €478m.

These 131 APCs were supplied to the army under contracts signed by European armaments agency Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation (OCCAR) and ARTEC.

The governments of the UK and Germany signed a contract in November 1999 for the collaborative development and initial production of a family of next-generation armoured utility vehicles.

The programme was known as the multirole armoured vehicle (MRAV) in the UK, and as the Gepanzertes Transport-Kraftfahrzeug (GTK) in Germany.

Rheinmetall said in a press statement: “Despite the pandemic, which in some cases had a significant impact on delivery dates, the contractual deadlines were met thanks to the constructive, pragmatic and trusting cooperation between the industry and the customer.”

Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) and Rheinmetall founded joint venture (JV) ARTEC in 1999.

So far, a total of 405 Boxer vehicles have been delivered by ARTEC’s two parent companies.

Of these, 72 Boxers have been delivered in the ambulance variant, 65 as command vehicles and 256 as infantry group vehicles (IFVs).

In 2017, Bundeswehr commissioned a combat upgrade for all Boxer vehicles. This upgrade includes those from the first batch to be adapted to the A2 design standard.

In February this year, the corresponding upgrade of the second batch of Boxer command vehicles to the A2 standard was also contracted.

This will see that the entire fleet of a total of 65 German Boxer command vehicles is available at the latest standard from 2024.