The US Army has awarded a contract, worth up to $487m, to Amentum Services to provide support services for military equipment and systems.

As part of the terms of the contract, the company is required to deliver international modernisation, logistics, and sustainment solutions, as well as provide field engineering services.

The support services are for a broad variety of US Government-donated military equipment and systems located outside of the continental US, including Europe.

The remote maintenance and distribution centre contract comes with a one-year base performance period and can be extended by exercising four one-year options.

An Amentum spokesperson said: “As the world’s largest provider of US Army ground and aviation equipment services, we look forward to providing leading sustainment solutions in support of our nation and its allies in various challenging missions around the globe.”

Under the contract, the company will dispatch its employees to the required locations to perform various levels of sustainment activities on the equipment.

The equipment and systems include a large set of radars, gear, and ground support, vehicles and assets.

Amentum professionals will make use of advanced predictive analytics, tools, and technology assets to conduct the tasks.

According to the company, the assets are intended to enhance performance via ‘rapid response methods and operational forecasts’.

Last week, the company won a 15-year, $4.64bn contract to help the US Air Force Security Assistance and Cooperation Directorate Parts and Repair Ordering System VI.