Allison Transmission has partnered with the US Army to equip the M113 armoured personnel carrier family of vehicles with upgraded X200-4A propulsion systems.

Under the partnership with the Tank-automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM), Allison will upgrade propulsion systems of the army’s tracked military vehicles.

The upgrade is intended to provide improved propulsion for the vehicles.

Allison’s X200-4A cross-drive transmission system consists of a hydraulic torque converter and a package to enable propulsion, hydraulic brakes and steering.

The army’s M113 fleet comprises around 5,000 vehicles across the active and reserve components.

The platforms are used in support of a range of missions, including combat engineering, command and control, medical and indirect fire.

Allison Transmission Defense Programs vice-president Dana Pittard said: “We are pleased to partner with the department of defence again to meet the stringent demands of military fleets worldwide.

“Servicemen and women can rely on the superior construction and durability of the X200 transmission for today’s training and tomorrow’s operation.”

The company aims to provide more than 300 transmission systems to the army until 2021.

The X200 Series can support tracked vehicles with a maximum weight of 18,144kg and engine ratings of 298kW.

It combines steering and braking into a single compact unit. The X200 Series features fully electronic controls and a torque converter with an automatic lock-up clutch system.

Designed to provide durability for military applications, the transmission is equipped with full-power hydrostatic steering.