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AeroVironment is set to donate more than 100 Quantix Recon uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) to the Ukrainian forces as the latter continues to defend its homeland against ongoing Russian aggression.

The company is scheduled to ship the first half of uncrewed systems this week, with additional consignments to follow. It will also provide operational training services for the donated systems to the Ukrainian forces.

AeroVironment unveiled the Quantix Recon UAS in 2020 for defence applications. The lightweight and fully automated system can provide on-demand actionable intelligence to the forces.

It features a hybrid vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) design and can survey up to 1.6 square kilometres, or 20 linear kilometres, in a 45-minute single battery flight.

AeroVironment chairman, president and CEO Wahid Nawabi said: “This donation will provide operators with a tool that can fly undetected by enemy forces and unaffected by radio frequency jammers to deliver accurate and rapid reconnaissance of remote, inaccessible areas of the dynamically changing battlefield.

“Using the actionable intelligence gathered by the Quantix Recon, operators can conduct quick mission planning and verification to help keep Ukrainian ground forces out of harm’s way.”

The US, the UK and Canada have committed to sending additional artillery weaponry to Ukraine as Russia intensifies assault operations on the eastern part of the country.

The US is also expected to announce another military aid package in the following days, Reuters reported.

The Czech Republic’s Defence Ministry has said that the local companies will repair the Ukrainian tanks, and other military vehicles, that have been damaged in the conflict.