Hanwha will provide hundreds of self-propelled Howitzers to the Egyptian Armed Forces.

South Korea’s Hanwha Defense has signed a contract worth around $1.7bn with Egypt to provide the K9A1 EGY variant of its self-propelled howitzer (SPH). This marks the largest deal in history for the export of K9s and includes hundreds of SPHs, K10 ammunition resupply vehicles and K11 fire direction control vehicles.

The K9 is equipped with a 155mm/52 calibre gun with an integrated ‘shoot & shoot’ concept that is intended to move the gun into firing position, complete the mission and leave the position before a counter-attack.

Despite its 47t weight, the HSM can reach speeds of 67km/h and has a firing range of 40km. “Fitted with an automatic fire control system, the howitzer can fire within 30 seconds from a stationary position and 60 seconds while on move, with a maximum rate of fire from six to eight rounds per minute,” said Hanwha Defense in a statement.

The K9 SPH is South Korea’s flagship weapon system, and the Egyptian Navy has long sought to acquire it as an anti-access and area denial weapon system. The K9 proved its capabilities for these applications during at-sea trials in 2017.

The company is set to deliver the first batch of K9s before 2025 with the remaining vehicles being produced at the state-run Egyptian Military Factory 200 via technology transfer. Hanwha Defense will also provide various support programmes, including training, and organisational, field and depot maintenance.

Hanwha Defense CEO and President said: “The latest deal with Egypt is significant in that Hanwha Defense has made its way across Africa for the first time with the K9, the world’s most advanced and proven self-propelled howitzer, amid growing partnership between South Korea and Egypt.”

The K10 ammunition resupply vehicle is an automated robotic ammunition carrier that operates alongside the K9. It can carry up to 104 rounds and has the same mobility capabilities as the K9.

K11 is a novel fire direction control vehicle to be developed for the Egyptian military. The K11 will use the K9 chassis and will be equipped with a range of sensors and communication equipment, under the operational requirements of the Egyptian forces.