Improbable and Microsoft today announced a global partnership covering the defence and national security sector that will see Improbable’s synthetic environment platform become available on Azure on-premises, cloud and cloud-to-edge services.

The pair said the combination of their tools would ‘transform’ capabilities including operational planning, policy design, collective training, national resilience and defence experimentation.

Improbable’s defence business CEO Joe Robinson said: “To truly seize the opportunity of synthetic environments, we need to provide an integrated, platform-based approach,

“This ensures that all our customers’ synthetic applications are supported by a reusable and evolving ecosystem of partner content – usable across the enterprise as a constant, ‘evergreen’ tool, or deployed to meet specific challenges and service requirements.”

Under the partnership, organisations using Microsoft Azure will be able to offer products such as models, datasets and Artificial intelligence applications through Improbable’s platform.

The two companies said this would enhance innovation in synthetic environment development and make it easier for defence customers to access capabilities provided by industry, government and academia.

Microsoft Defence & Intelligence general manager Gus MacGregor-Millar said: “We are proud to announce that Improbable’s synthetic environment platform is now available on the Microsoft Azure cloud and Azure Stack offering,

“We’re excited to combine our complementary strengths, and to offer our Defence and Intelligence customers the transformative potential of synthetic environments powered by secure, reliable cloud compute.”

Microsoft and Improbable said the combination of the synthetic environment platform and professional services as well as ‘pooled partner ecosystems’ would make it quicker and easier to ‘develop, validate, deploy, and adapt synthetic environment solutions’ designed to meet more defence and security challenges.

Robinson added: “For the departments and friendly nations defending national and global security to benefit from this platform and ecosystem, we need to ensure it can be easily deployed and made available from the cloud through to edge devices.

“This is critical to enable the fast and efficient integration of powerful capabilities to support their fluid operating environment and diverse requirements. There is no better partner than Microsoft Azure to ensure that is the case.”

MacGregor-Millar also said: “Improbable’s technology enhances security and resilience for defence customers, drives wider innovation in national security and fosters a growing partner ecosystem across the UK and its allies. That aligns closely with our own mission, and we are delighted to be working on this joint endeavour.”