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Stratign FZE is the global leader in communication interception, signal processing systems, communication jamming and communication security systems.

Stratign’s products are customised to meet the requirements of intelligence organisations, national security agencies and military intelligence establishments.

Our products include the GSM / CDMA interception system, C & Ku band satellite trunk interception systems, THURAYA / IRIDIUM and INMARSAT interception systems, radio communication jammers, RCIED jammers, manpack / portable and vehicular jammers, GPS jammers, VSAT jammers and satellite imaging solutions.

Our R&D innovations and highly-skilled staff providing precise solutions have seen Stratign’s reputation grow in a short span of time.
Our innovative, field-proven technologies in intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), and communication jamming have helped government organisations fight against organised crime, drug trafficking and terrorist activities.

GSM / CDMA interception systems

GSM / CDMA networks have become an essential means of communication in our modern society. This applies to everyone, including criminals who use phones to assist in their illegal activities. For these reasons, the interception of GSM / CDMA communications has become essential for government law enforcement and defence agencies.

Stratign also offers:

  • Passive GSM / CDMA interception systems
  • Semi-active GSM interception systems
  • Switch-based lawful GSM/ CDMA interception systems

The systems can operate on all GSM frequency bands (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) and can decipher voice and SMS communications from A5/0, A5/2 and A5/1 encrypted GSM networks in real-time.

The systems are capable of intercepting up to 16 duplex communications and can be integrated with a 3G IMSI catcher to intercept communications from 3G (2100 MHz) networks.

The systems can be configured either as portable (carry case), transportable (installed in vehicle) or static (fixed location).

Thuraya interception systems

The rapid growth in the subscriber base of Thuraya satellite communication system has made interception Thuraya communications important for government intelligence agencies worldwide.

Stratign provides intelligence organisations and national security government agencies with strategic and tactical solutions for interception, collection, processing and analysis of Thuraya communications.

The system can decipher Thuraya traffic to provide decoded VOICE, SMS, FAX and DATA sessions along with geo-location and call related information of the intercepted terminals.

Satellite interception systems

Satellites are now an essential part of today’s communication technology. As such, reliable, portable, robust satellite solutions are critical to the success of any operation.

Our flexible, modular and upgradeable solutions can provide the effective interception of voice, fax, SMS, high-speed data links and data calls.

Stratign’s satellite interception solutions include:

  • C and Ku band trunk interception system
  • VSAT iDIRECT interception system
  • INMERSAT interception system
  • IRIDIUM interception system
  • ISAT interception system
  • Satellite geo-location system

Jamming systems

The aim of jamming is to prevent communications by electromagnetic means, or at least to degrade communications sufficiently to cause delays in transmission and reception. Working closely with leading military forces and government agencies, Stratign offers a wide-range of jamming and detection systems.

We offer a wide variety of jammer configurations including vehicle mounted, static, man- portable and briefcase versions.
Our jammers include communication jammers, RCIED jammers, radio jammers, cell phone jammers, GPS jammers, FM jammers and VSAT jammers.

High-resolution optical and SAR Imaging

Stratign’s high-resolution imaging solutions help defence and intelligence organisations with mission planning and situational awareness.

We can provide our customers with optical and SAR high-resolution imagery on demand. We also offer our customers an integrated ground earth station where the images from our satellite image service providers can be acquired and processed directly.

Stratign also provides customised UAV platforms to our customers enabling day/night aerial photography for various applications including disaster management and situational awareness.


The challenges in today’s world require professionals in every industry to update their knowledge and skills. We at Stratign strive to provide the opportunity for professionals involved in intelligence, security, law enforcement, and defence to maximise their skills through effective education.

We are a leading provider of network security, information warfare, intelligence gathering and analysis training courses. Our tailor-made technology training courses of various products/systems have helped intelligence gathering and communication security agencies optimise their resources and increase efficiency.

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Stratign to Exhibit at Milipol Homeland Security Event in Paris

Stratign has announced that it will be in attendance at the famous Milipol Homeland Security Event held at Nord Villepinte, Paris.

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Press Release

30 April 2019

Stratign has announced that it will be in attendance at the famous Milipol Homeland Security Event held at Nord Villepinte, Paris.

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