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Enhanced Protective Helmet Solutions

SKYDEX Technologies and TSS International BV provide helmet protection solutions for the defence and other industries.


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Better Helmet is the result of a collaboration between US-based SKYDEX Technologies and TSS International BV. The partnership aims to make helmets more protective, comfortable, and efficient. The partnership focuses on armoured vehicle security to render helmets more stable and fit for the client’s needs.

SKYDEX® technology has helped people in the defence and other industries by providing protective solutions in case of under-vehicle IED blasts. The collaboration brings groundbreaking technologies that boost the next generation of helmet protection systems.

Superior protection helmets

The advantages of this technology include energy-absorbing features, which prevent head injuries by forming a durable protective shell that absorbs traction.

The solution is customised to the client’s needs and is enhanced by the SKYDEX IsoFit Helmet Protection System, which combines stability, protection and security while also offering comfort.

SKYDEX IsoFit Helmet Protection System

The IsoFit liner is a 360° one-hand adjustable retention system that allows the helmet technology to be adjusted to ensure a better fit. The state-of-the-art system is adjustable over the whole top of the head, which differentiates it from similar helmet technologies that fit on specific parts of the head. This helps provide better stability and security at all times.

For people working in the defence industry, wearing a helmet is essential both for security reasons and for carrying protective equipment like night vision goggles. The SKYDEX IsoFit Helmet Protection System offers top-quality protection from impact, as well as superior comfort and fit. The technology has been applied to more than 30,000 armoured vehicles around the world and is now also available for ballistic helmets.

Energy absorption with durable impact pads

The energy absorption pads of the helmet protection system compress upon impact, reducing the harmful effect and providing optimal protection. After the impact, the pads revert to their original shape and are ready for the next impact. The hook-and-loop system ensures that the pads are placed all around the inside of the helmet.

The solution is also sustainable, as the pads are durable and do not need constant replacement. They are also easy to clean and lightweight, which makes them versatile and easy to use.

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