iX Cameras High-Speed Video Footage for Military Testing

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High-resolution and high-frame speeds for projectile analysis and tracking

i-SPEED cameras record high-speed video footage for the scientific analysis of a wide range of offensive and defensive testing, ranging from missile ballistics testing and the study of weapon mechanics to body armour and vehicle armour plate.

The high-resolution and high-frame speeds of i-SPEED cameras analyse the launch, flight and impact of any projectile. For tests that require long-distance tracking of projectiles, i-SPEED cameras are integrated into flight follower systems. The i-SPEED cameras may be synchronised to infrared (IR) laser systems to allow the scientist to ‘see through’ the flame or glare created by explosive devices. Army Special Forces use i-SPEED cameras for training purposes to video-shaped charges to assist with rapid breach techniques of buildings.

i-SPEED 7 series for high-capacity recording technology and high-resolution imagery

The latest innovation from the iX Cameras labs is the i-SPEED 7 Series of cameras, groundbreaking in its recording capacity of 400 times faster than standard 1,080p high-definition (HD) rates.

The i-SPEED 7 series is a high-resolution camera with the ability to capture scenes quickly and is suitable for many different applications.

Rugged Version

Machined from solid aluminium, the i-SPEED 7 enclosure is High-G rated, and is designed for use in the field.

External Solid State Drive

Transfer video files on the fly without interrupting capture with our external Solid State Drive (SSD). Move very large data files inexpensively and with ease. Available in a variety of storage capacities, it’s a convenient alternative to our internal SSD, which allows for spacious multi-clip, in-camera video storage. Available in 500 GB | 1 TB | 2 TB.

Battery Powered

The i-SPEED 7 comes with an optional removable one-hour battery that charges during operation and automatically engages once the camera is unplugged, guaranteeing data security in the camera. Keep a store of fresh batteries to shoot on the go for as long as you need.

i-SPEED 2 series for high-quality video footage

The i-SPEED 2 Series is a robust, feature-rich high-speed camera in a small form factor. It is easily controlled, easy to connect and offers a simple design for efficiently capturing high-quality video footage.

The i-SPEED 2 camera series comes with an optional battery and expanded internal memory of up to 16GB.

High-speed video capture software

The i-SPEED Software Suite 2.0 is designed for the i-SPEED 7 Series and represents an innovative move for high-speed video capture. With the i-SPEED Software Suite 2.0, all the necessary tools to record, edit, analyse and share high-speed video are available in a single package.

Cameras can be controlled via the gigabit Ethernet connection to release the full potential of the i-SPEED Software Suite 2.0. Load and control single and multiple camera configurations, or connect remotely for uninterrupted access to restricted areas.

The revolutionary CDUe enables high-speed portability with its integrated comprehensive camera controls, along with a rechargeable internal lithium-ion battery.

Users can choose to instantly sync and record from multiple cameras, multiple configurations of a single camera, or rapidly configure a new camera and capture settings using the simplified connection control panel.

The real-time camera status can be displayed using the remote i-CHEQ 360. Users can view in-camera details for single or multiple camera setups and instantly confirm camera status, including battery charge levels, buffer status, trigger tests, power status and synced timing sources.

Reviewed and adjusted camera settings can be in real-time while the intuitive window structure captures and records videos in a logical, linear way. Multiple screens and undock camera controls to enable a customisable multi-monitor control experience, allowing users to review and simultaneously play back multiple synced videos.

About iX Cameras

iX Cameras is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of high-speed cameras and slow motion analysis software.

For more than a decade, i-SPEED cameras have been extensively used in a wide variety of applications, including ballistics, automotive testing, R&D testing, production line monitoring and auditing, biomechanics, sports performance, media, and cinematography.

iX Cameras continues to innovate, producing the world’s highest performing and most feature-rich cameras, now capable of transferring more than 26 billion pixels of data per second (more than 410 times faster than 1,080 HD cameras employed today).

iX Cameras dedication to excellence extends from engineering to customer service. As a result of this commitment, i-SPEED cameras have won numerous design and innovation awards, including the Queen’s Award for technical achievement in the UK.

Regional offices are now located within the US, the UK, China and India to sell, service and support all i-SPEED camera models.

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Press Release

iX Cameras Expands i-Speed 7 Series Line OF High-Speed Cameras

iX Cameras of Woburn, MA, and Rochford, UK, a leading developer and manufacturer of high-speed imaging cameras, recently announced the addition of a new, value-priced camera to the premium ultra-high-speed i-SPEED 7 Series line.

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Press Release

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iX Cameras of Woburn, MA, and Rochford, UK, a leading developer and manufacturer of high-speed imaging cameras, recently announced the addition of a new, value-priced camera to the premium ultra-high-speed i-SPEED 7 Series line.

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iX Cameras of Woburn, MA and Rochford, UK, a leading developer and manufacturer of high-speed imaging cameras, announces recent sales success.

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High-speed imaging cameras manufacturer iX Cameras has announced recent sales success in China.

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