i-SPEED 720

The i-SPEED 720 utilises the same high-resolution, three-megapixel image sensor of the high-end i-SPEED 7 Series camera line, but at tempered speeds. Clocking at 20 gigapixels per second throughput, this camera can stop the world’s fastest events.

With internal memory options up to 288GB, the i-SPEED 720 is the ideal instrument for the test engineer, scientist or researcher.

This camera is loaded with innovative features, from the heralded i-CHEQ on-board performance monitoring system to the multi-point internal hardware designed to reduce vibrations during critical testing. The multiple on-board computers move data quickly into internal or external hot-swappable SSD cards for quick data review.

Each camera is supplied with the industry leading i-SPEED Software Suite 2.0 PC software for control, analysis, editing and playback.