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Disc Brakes Australia

Disc Brake Rotors for Military 4WD and Light Armoured Vehicles

Unit 33, Slough Business Park,
Holker Street, Silverwater,
Sydney NSW 2128,

Unit 33, Slough Business Park,
Holker Street, Silverwater,
Sydney NSW 2128,

Disc Brakes Australia (DBA) is Australia’s leader in the innovative development and production of premium-performance disc brake rotors for the defence industry.

Products and services DBA offer to the defence sector include:

  • Dedication to quality and safety
  • Manufacturing and distribution
  • Product innovation
  • A unique product opportunity
  • Total brake rotor programme
  • Support
  • Confidence
  • Commitment

Brake disc rotors for military vehicles

The company’s manufacturing plant is located in Silverwater (Sydney) NSW Australia. With TS16949 quality certification, the International Organisation of Standardisation’s highest ranking for automotive suppliers, DBA’s Sydney plant brings together the latest automated manufacturing techniques with field agents covering all Australian states plus the USA, European, Asian and Middle Eastern markets.

Brake disc rotors for passenger, 4×4, and light commercial and military vehicles

Manufacturing a range of disc rotors in Australia, DBA leads the market in passenger, 4X4 and light commercial and military vehicles. As well as standard ‘direct replacement’ rotors, DBA manufactures a comprehensive range of premium performance products. These boast such features as slotting, cross drilling, improved appearance (including coloured centre ‘hats’) and, in the top line series, a highly sophisticated two-piece design.

The enhanced performance products, which include the DBA Street, DBA 4000 and the race-proven DBA 5000 series rotors – have created excitement amongst defence consumers, retailers and government bodies in local and overseas markets. DBA has developed and patented the Kangaroo Paw ventilation system. This vent system allows greater cooling and recovery time as well as added strength across the disc.

Disc brakes for 4WD military and light armoured vehicles

DBA’s most recent development is the DBA 4×4 Survival Brake series and it addresses one of the most overlooked road safety issues: the stopping performance of four-wheel drives, particularly in military or light armoured vehicle applications.

These provide a great deal more pad bite to pull up the vehicle more swiftly. The slots also rapidly clear dirt and water, which is especially important in off-road situations, and pump out the gas that can otherwise build up between pad and rotor. The slots minimise pad glazing too.

With this combination of slotting and improved ventilation, the DBA 4×4 Survival Brake series delivers the goods in the most extreme situations.

DBA – Consistency in Quality and Performance

Through many decades of manufacturing experience and unsurpassed knowledge through research and development, DBA has positioned itself as Australia's most awarded manufacturer and a global leader in brake rotor manufacturing.

The Kangaroo Paw System

Inspired within Australia's heartland, DBA developed the Kangaroo Paw cooling system.

Disc Brakes Australia

Unit 33, Slough Business Park

Holker Street, Silverwater

Sydney NSW 2128