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High-Performance Quartz Crystal Oscillators for the Military and Defence Industries

Greenray Industries is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance quartz crystal oscillators for the military and defence industries.


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Greenray Industries

Greenray Industries is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance quartz crystal oscillators for the military and defence industries.

Precision oscillators for communications, instrumentation and military applications

Greenray Industries is a renowned manufacturer of oven controlled quartz crystal oscillators (OCXOs) temperature compensated quartz crystal oscillators (TCXOs) and voltage-controlled quartz crystal oscillators (VCXOs). Precision quartz crystal oscillators operate as accurate signal sources for military, communications and instrumentation applications.

Greenray is dedicated to supplying tight stability oscillators over wide operating temperature ranges to satisfy the special needs of our customers. Low-phase noise along with very low G-sensitivity is also a priority, and these components come in a range of package options, including Summit (SMT).

The T1215 has been designed to deliver consistent, reliable frequency control performance in high-shock and vibration environments.
The T1241 temperature compensated oscillator is available from 50MHz to 100MHz with
squarewave, CMOS output, and features low phase noise and vibration compensation.
The T1243 TCXO delivers ultra-low acceleration sensitivity and low phase noise performance.
The T1307 TCXO offers ultra-low acceleration sensitivity for vibration and shock sensitive applications.

While offering outstanding vibration, shock and acceleration sensitivity performance, our ruggedised components also provide competitive stability and phase noise characteristics.

The stability performance of some of our TCXOs matches that of an OCXO, but without the excessive power draw and warm-up period. We also supply self-calibrating oscillators with excellent reliability and long-term stability.

Frequency control solutions for the military market

For the military market, we provide products for smart munitions, missile guidance, mobile receivers and radar systems.

Our high-performance frequency control devices are designed for demanding applications from 1Hz to 1GHz. All design, testing and assembly is performed at our facility in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, US.

Greenray provides the communications industry with specially designed products, including Stratum III and IIIE along with wireless and SATCOM.

In addition, we provide components for global navigation satellite systems. Many of our low-noise / tight-stability oscillators are also used for instrumentation applications.

State-of-the-art temperature-controlled oscillators

Greenray Industries’ latest product releases include the leading, high-performance T1241 and T1243 TCXOs.

The T1241 and T1243 TCXOs feature very low G-sensitivity, down to <5×10-11/g and are available from 10MHz to 50MHz (T1243) and 50MHz to 100 MHz (T1241) with CMOS output.

Featuring ruggedised, SMT packages and low current draw, the T1241 and T1243 TCXOs are ideal for mobile applications requiring superior phase noise performance under shock and vibration.

The new, high-performance YH1485 oven-controlled oscillator features low phase noise down to 180dBc/Hz and is available from 10MHZ to 120MHz with 10dBm sinewave output.

In addition, the YH1485 comes with low acceleration sensitivity down to -3G to 10/-10G for better performance during shock and vibration.

The YH1485 is assembled in a 1in square, compact, low profile package and uses 15VDC or 12VDC supply. Electronic frequency control (EFC) is offered for phase locking or precise tuning applications.

The above products rank highest for G-sensitivity and phase noise performance.

About Greenray

Greenray celebrates our 55th anniversary in 2016, encompassing a productive, enduring relationship with the military and defence community.

Greenray utilises the unique expertise of each of our two sister companies to enhance our capabilities, and to help us produce several frequency control components with the highest performance available.

Statek Corporation pioneered the miniaturisation of quartz timing elements to revolutionise the frequency control industry. The company continues innovative tradition as a technological leader in the design and manufacture of ultra-miniature quartz crystals, oscillators and sensors.

Adtech Ceramics is a leading US manufacturer of co-fired ceramic electronic packages and injection-molded ceramics.

White Papers

  • T56 Series TCXO

    Greenray Industries' T56 Series TCXO has been developed as a reference oscillator for timing applications requiring low power draw, tight stability over military temperature range, and a compact footprint.

  • Acceleration, Vibration, Radiation... It’s A Jungle Up There

    Greenray TCXOs feature temperature stabilities of 1 ppm or less and are offered in a variety of packages. Available from 20 KHz to 1 GHz, they are designed for communications, instrumentation and defense applications and deliver precision and reliability in demanding environments on land, in the air – and beyond.

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United States of America

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