EDGE is focused on bringing innovative technologies and services to its clients with speed and efficiency. Starting with breakthrough innovations within the defence sector, EDGE places a high priority on national security.

About EDGE

With over 20 entities and 6,000 dedicated employees, EDGE offers expertise across four core clusters: Platforms & Systems, Missiles & Weapons, Electronic Warfare & Cyber Technologies, and Trading & Mission Support.

Each of these is structured to create synergies between entities and provide the best possible impact on the industries they serve.

A leader in emerging technologies, EDGE connects commercial market innovations with military capabilities. With extensive experience working alongside front-line operators and adopting advanced technologies such as autonomous capabilities, cyber-physical systems, advanced propulsion systems, robotics and smart materials, EDGE’s disruptive solutions have been specially developed to suit the high demands of the defence industry.

Artificial intelligence solutions for the military

Artificial intelligence is crucial to EDGE’s business, creating interoperability and developing cross-domain expertise to enable the company to respond when adaptability is vital.

Using local and international partnerships across the defence and technology spectrum, EDGE has a track record of exceptional talent and global expertise, constantly innovating with research and development at its core.

EDGE has a collaborative mindset and has developed relationships across industries, utilising technology from the commercial world to create fresh innovations in defence and security.

A forward-looking company, EDGE is open to partnerships and collaborations to pioneer future technologies in the modern world. The company has partnered with leading global corporations across different countries to design, develop and deploy solutions in areas such as aerospace technology, laser and optics technology, and cybersecurity and shipping, unlocking large growth opportunities and investments.

Platforms & Systems cluster

The ‘Platforms & Systems’ cluster deploys advanced technologies across the full life-cycle of air, land and sea vehicles and systems to provide exceptional turnaround times and enhanced levels of system availability.

ADASI, ADSB, AL JASOOR, AL TAIF, EPI, and NIMR are the six pioneering enities that comprise the ‘Platforms & Systems’ cluster. Featuring a network of advanced, integrated engineering facilities, and supported by outstanding talent, experience and expertise, the ‘Platforms & Systems’ cluster is a regional powerhouse in technical excellence and force readiness.

Missiles & Weapons cluster

The ‘Missiles & Weapons’ cluster takes a leading approach to design, manufacture, R&D and integration of advanced ground and air weapon systems.

The cluster specialises in high-performance guided munitions, next-generation small arms, autonomous weapons, ammunition products and services, as well as smart missile control systems. Utilising international IP and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, the cluster focuses on enabling the future soldier. The entities that operate within the cluster are AL TARIQ, CARACAL, HALCON and LAHAB.

Electronic Warfare & Cyber Technologies cluster

The ‘Electronic Warfare & Cyber Technologies’ cluster is backed by elite industry professionals and is essential to modern defence and security systems.

Deploying breakthrough technologies and best-in-class training, the cluster imagines the threat profiles of the future and develops multi-domain solutions for government, security, and military organisations.

Designed to dominate the new era of warfare, the cluster provides the complete portfolio of offensive and defensive capabilities in the electromagnetic spectrum using state-of-the-art cyber solutions and electronic warfare systems.

Delivered by an elite team of national security professionals, the industry-leading training programmes offered develop the skills and capabilities required to manage risks among government and private institutions.

Entities include BEACON RED and SIGN4L.

Trading & Mission Support cluster

Entities at companies in the Trading & Mission Support cluster bring decades of experience in the most advanced defence knowledge and technologies, working alongside leading international original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to provide the essential logistics, supply, training and manpower capabilities across the world’s best known and highest-performing platforms.

Our mission-enabling solutions include a large and growing portfolio of services that keep your people, assets and mission objectives safe and effective. Entities in this cluster include EARTH, HORIZON, JAHEZIYA, and REMAYA.