From protected reconnaissance to hostile conflict, EDGE’s land systems provide forces with life-saving survivability, best-in-class off-road mobility, and mission-focused capabilities to adapt to the ever-evolving battlefield.


AJBAN 4×4 armoured vehicles are designed for use in a wide range of specialist military roles, offering high levels of survivability, mobility, and firepower. Launched in 2021, the AJBAN MK2 is a second generation vehicle with enhanced features and capabilities for the modern battlefield. The multi-role platform is designed for functions such as tactical response, border patrol, reconnaissance, counterinsurgency, and Special Forces’ operations.

Constructed with a monocoque V-hull unit structure for effective mine-blast protection and a ballistic-protected rear cargo compartment, the light tactical patrol vehicle fits a crew of five people with blast attenuation seating.

Capable of accommodating a roof mounted self-defence weapon, the vehicle also has full-time four-wheel drive powered by a diesel, water-cooled turbocharged engine. A central tyre inflation system (CTIS) allows tyres to be inflated or deflated to meet terrain conditions.

The AJBAN range also comprises AJBAN 420, AJBAN 440, AJBAN 450, AJBAN Long-Range Special Operations Vehicle (LRSOV) and AJBAN Internal Security Vehicle (ISV) among others.


Featuring maximum commonality with the AJBAN MK2 to reduce the logistical footprint for fleet owners, the HAFEET MK2 offers an optimal combination of payload, mobility, and protection in the harshest environments. The vehicle can also be integrated with a variety of mission and weapon systems.

The HAFEET MK2 6×6 platform offers a range of configurations that features a monocoque V-hull unit structure integrated with engine protection to protect crew and passengers. The second generation vehicle has a maximum payload of 3000 kg, which is more than double the payload of the previous version.

Delivering impressive performance and mobility for a vehicle of its class, including speeds up to 110 km/h, the HAFEET MK2 features a modular construction allowing extraction of the complete power pack, including cooling, engine, transmission and transfer case, rapidly.


The evolving nature of asymmetric warfare and prolific use of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) has driven the evolution of the mine-resistant ambush protected (MRAP) vehicles; specifically, the need for increased ballistic protection whilst maintaining tactical mobility.

JAIS is an MRAP vehicle available in both 4×4 and 6×6 platforms. It offers an optimal combination of firepower, survivability, and tactical mobility to support conventional, modern, and asymmetric combat operations.

The JAIS vehicle’s modular design provides cost-effective configurations for reconnaissance, patrol, utility, and special mission roles. The armoured hull of the vehicle is divided into three main segments with the driver and commander positions and engine at the front and the troops’ section at the rear. The forward hull is fitted with a large wide screen that provides excellent field of view for the driver and commander.

With a maximum road speed of 105km/h and a maximum cruising range of 700km, the JAIS armoured vehicle can be installed with roof-mounted one/two-man light and medium-size turrets armed with up to 20mm calibre guns. It can also be mounted with a remotely-controlled weapon station (RCWS) armed with a 7.62mm or a 12.7mm machine gun.

The modular design of the JAIS hull supports the development of multiple mission variants based on the same platform. The higher payload of the JAIS 6×6 enables the carriage of weapons, mission equipment and enhanced protection systems without affecting the mobility of the vehicle. The uncomplicated design further ensures ease of maintenance and servicing, while offering up to 90% commonality with the JAIS 4×4 variant.

JAIS’s adaptability makes it a crucial and reliable partner for a range of high to low intensity missions. The platform boasts maximum driving stability on extreme off-road conditions and a range of mission objectives and terrain styles.


As evolving environments and dynamic theatres of operation demand increasingly flexible capabilities, the Rabdan provides the ideal integration as a next generation amphibious, modular, multi-wheeled armoured vehicle system with superior tactical and technical performance.

The Rabdan is available in both 8×8 variant as well as an ambulance platform that is fully equipped for combat medical emergencies. Rabdan is a versatile, future-proofed vehicle built for a range of mission objectives and terrain styles. Available in a number of specialist configurations, and with capacity for up to 12 frontline troops, it is highly mobile on land and water.

With a top speed of over 100km/h, the Rabdan offers high level troop protection and includes variants such as an armoured personnel carrier, command and control vehicle, reconnaissance vehicle, and mortar carrier.

The Rabdan interoperability design considerations facilitate an easy integration of manned turrets or remote weapon systems onto the vehicle platform, such as the EOS R800S 30mm Remote Control Weapon Station (RCWS). The RCWS can be interchangeably integrated onto the platform rather than the standard manned turret.

The Rabdan’s versatility, multi-platform design and amphibious capability make it a complete and reliable vehicle system on the battlefield.