Acura Embedded Systems Military-Grade Customised Computer Solutions

Acura Embedded Systems (AES) is a Canadian designer and manufacturer of military-grade (MIL-grade) fanless and heater-less computers, interactive touchscreens, and internet protocol (IP) / analogue hybrid digital video recorder (DVR) systems for applications in extreme environments and situations.

Militaries around the world use our customised and modern systems for a diverse range of applications, from bomb detection and commander controls to vibration-proof and blastproof vehicle recording systems.

Our products are manufactured to ensure a fast turnaround time and our customisable hardware and best-in-class customer service and warranty provide AES customers worldwide with high-quality service and solutions.

Rugged and certified panel PCs and computers

Our rugged computers have the ability to function in temperatures between -40°C to 70°C. They are complete with Ip65, waterproof, dust / sand-proof, and water submersible features.

They also contain MIL-grade connectors and dual-RAID SATA hard drives, as well as multiple I/O ports. AES systems are rack and vehicle mountable with touchscreen computers and ruggedised hub systems.

Innovative, high-quality computer systems

Our quality computer systems contain customisable software such as Linux or Windows, along with technology that controls temperature without the need for internal heaters or fans. These compact and powerful computers are lightweight, clean, and durable, complete with modern central processing units (CPUs), solid state drives (SSDs), and heat sink systems.

With up-to-date Intel i5 and i7 CPUs, analog / IP Hybrid DVR systems and MIL-grade connectors, AES’ computer systems are built to last.

HMI or autonomous computers for outdoor, indoor or mobile environments

Our durable computers function in a myriad of settings. Whether you need a human to machine interface (HMI), such as a touchscreen computer or keyboard and mouse input, or a fully autonomous system with RAID hard-drive redundancy, redundant 4G/LTE connections and state-of-the-art CPU power, Acura has the right system for you.

These rugged computers can also be placed anywhere from the shop floor to field vehicles. They can also be used as multichannel DVR systems, direct control, or any application that requires a computer system.

Customised hardware for optimum space and efficiency

Acura’s rugged solutions are ideal for simplifying and compressing vital components, systems.

We can customise the hardware of every available system to suit the needs of the customer, form integrating and condensing different systems into a single MIL-grade, IP65-rated hub, or tailor hardware from CPUs and motherboards to MIL-grade ports. All of this is incorporated into our fanless and heater-less computer designs.  

High-performance systems for extreme environments

Functional in every location, the Acura computer is designed to be fan-less and heater-less, as well as resilient against dust and sand.

Operating in sub-zero to scorching temperatures, on-board protection and shielding allows for a wide range of uses. From sea and sky to the most adverse environments on Earth, our systems consistently perform without fail.

Upgradeable and long-lasting warranty

Acura computers deliver a high return on investment with warranties that last up to five years.

The models themselves have lasted up to ten years in the field due to their durable materials.

They are easy to maintain with a fanless design and allow customers to ‘install and forget’ – no need to clean, move, or repair once installed. Their components are swappable and easy to upgrade. Every system from the AcuPNL panel / rack / mounted system to the PowerBrick HUB systems can be customised.

About Acura Embedded Systems

AES began in 1994 in Vancouver, Canada, in order to address the demand for rugged computers in military and emergency applications. Since then, we have become a complete rugged devices manufacturer with an extensive portfolio of solutions.

Our high standards of quality, support and ethics have kept Acura Embedded Systems one of the leading companies in the market today. Our reputation has led to projects in large-scale port automation to first responders, as well as military, oil and gas refining, and transport.

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Press Release

Acura Introduces New LED-Resistive AcuBrite 15 for Rugged Solutions in Challenging Locations

Acura Embedded Systems has created some of the best rugged computers on the market today. These rugged computers rise up to the challenge of remaining effective in the most arid regions on earth.

Acura Embedded Systems

Unit #101 17825 64th Ave Surrey

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+1 604 502 9666 +1 866 502 9666

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Press Release

13 August 2018

Acura Embedded Systems has created some of the best rugged computers on the market today. These rugged computers rise up to the challenge of remaining effective in the most arid regions on earth.

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Acura Embedded Systems

Unit #101 17825 64th Ave Surrey

V3S 1Z3


Preet Thind +1 604 502 9666 +1 866 502 9666

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