AAR Mobility Systems has been awarded a $27.5m task order by the US Air Force to produce 463L cargo pallets. The cargo pallets will be manufactured in Cadillac, Michigan and are expected to be completed by December 30, 2020. The order is related to a historical contract, bringing its total value to $170.6m.

AAR senior vice-president of group management Lee Krantz said: “Over the past 50 years AAR has been the sole provider of 463L cargo pallets to the USAF and we are honoured to support their ability to deploy strategic assets worldwide.

“This new order ensures that we will continue to assist them in maintaining optimum readiness levels across the USAF and other services within the DoD.”

AAR has been providing 463L systems cargo pallets to the US Armed Forces since the early 1960s and continues to be the world leader in design and production. The 463L USAF design uses a lightweight balsa wood core that continues to provide unparalleled strength-to-weight performance and reliability compared to alternative commercial pallet designs.