TSS International will be exhibiting in the Holland Pavilion at the bi-annual Eurosatory trade show in Paris, France. The renowned bi-annual exhibition will take place from 11-15 June at the Villepinte exhibition centre.

Keep reading to find out how TSS defines Armour Mobility.

TSS Heavy-Duty Wheels®

The 18in version of TSS’ very successful line of Heavy Duty Wheels has been tested and TüV-approved for a payload of 2,000kg per wheel. The Toyota LC200 is the first vehicle that can benefit from this added payload. Other options are a 1,600kg payload version for various limousines, an 1,800kg payload version for SUV’s such as the Mercedes G-wagen.

For luxury armoured vehicles such as the Lexus LX570, G-Wagen, Yukon Denali, Mercedes S-Class, Audi A8 and BMW 7-series, TSS also has a collection of high-class, high-payload 20in wheels. With a payload of 1,600kg, these rims support the weight of the added protection, as well as fit the vehicle’s style.

All TSS Heavy-Duty Wheels can be delivered as assembly: balanced and complete with Runflat and optional programmable TPMS sensors.

Rodgard Runflats

TSS Heavy-Duty Wheels are a perfect combination with Rodgard APX and BPX Runflats. Easy to install and extra strong, these 18in and 20in runflats provide lifesaving mobility.

BPX runflats meet FINABEL Specs with wheel loads of 1,800kg and heavier.

TSS is also your partner for Rodgard runflat inserts for OEM wheels of sizes 15in to 22.5in.

TSS ProtecTank®

TSS ProtecTank® is a self-sealing and flame retardant treatment of your OEM fuel tank, which can eliminate the necessity to encase the fuel tank of the vehicle with heavy steel armour. TSS ProtecTank is TNO and Beschussamt-tested and a trusted solution for armoured vehicles worldwide. An explosion suppressant treatment is optional, reducing the danger of the highly flammable vapours in the fuel tank.


Although the armour might protect the lives of the vehicle’s occupants, it does not always protect their lower legs and feet against the energy wave of an under-vehicle IED. SkyDex Shock Mitigation mats act as protection on the steel plating, which can move up to 4cm within microseconds of a detonation.

B&G Vehicle Intercoms

It is crucial for the occupants of an armoured vehicle that it remains closed for optimal protection. B&G Vehicle Intercoms allow closed-door communication with people outside the vehicle, whether friendly or hostile. Optional red / blue lights in the grill can help clear the road in case of an emergency.

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