The rapid intervention vehicles manufactured by TECNOVE on pick-up vehicles constitute a fast and safe option to reach any area or emergency situation, reducing the response time and permitting a conformable people and equipment transport in order to realise the exact intervention which is needed.

TECNOVE have adapted more than 150 rapid intervention vehicles on various models and car brand (in the image Volkswagen’s pick-up, Amarok model, used by the Spanish Army in the Military Emergency Unit) with different configurations, equipment and motorisation to grant the best service in every mission.

With this kind of unit, the rapid intervention vehicle fleet gains from a versatility point of view, offering different kind of services which can adapt to various circumstances and needs through certain configurations. Thanks to this, there is no need to permanently change the vehicles depending on the mission.

Options offered by TECNOVE

TECNOVE offers a wide range of equipment and vehicles so that the units are able to fulfil their tasks with the highest efficiency: logistic vehicles, tank vehicles, police vehicles, medical units, ambulances, rapid intervention vehicles, fire engines, telecommunication vehicles, etc.