A shape memory tube?….

A semirigid flexible tube will not bend under the weight of the object it supports and always offers the necessary flexibility to change its position in space.

Tubular or slender, it takes up little room and fades discreetly into the background, better putting the focus on the object it supports.

However, it can be sheathed or painted in different colours to meet various aesthetic needs. The sheath can also protect it from harsh or severe environmental conditions.
A close look reveals many situations in which it effectively fulfils the needs of support, maintenance, positioning, orientation.

Without realising it, semirigid flexible tubes are part and parcel of our daily life…

When you lie down in bed to read a good book, a semirigid flexible tube enables you to direct accurately the lamp it supports.

Doctors use them for accurately directing a screen or the controls of their medical devices as needed by the patient’s position and the medical examination underway.

When used for surveillance in the field of operations, civil or military security personnel can send their messages using a microphone. The headset microphone, held in position in front of the operator’s mouth by the semirigid flexible tube, will avoid any drop in the performance of message transmission. The movement of the operator’s lips will not deflect the microphone from its initial position.

When a machine tool is put into production, the workshop technician can use a semirigid flexible tube to set the coolant feed nozzle to the exact orientation needed by the cutting tool.

The advantages of the shape memory tube

Other situations and user profiles require the precise positioning of a device. Some objects must be brought into a precise position in space by a single gesture:

  • an instrumentation measurement sensor
  • a portable antenna
  • a camera
  • or a radio room microphone

A semirigid flexible tube is also capable of containing a cable or a flexible line. Simply run it through the semirigid flexible tube, from one end to the other.

The ends of the semirigid flexible tube can be completed by rigid or articulated assembly extensions. Options like this can offer improved or extended support functions. Such functions could include the transmission of an electrical or electromagnetic signal or the supporting of an object of known weight to the farthest required distance with a position changes at pre-set frequencies.

Spotters or observers of different objects and phenomena tend to gather in the best places for observing the subjects that interest them.

Using semirigid flexible tubes these enthusiasts are often encountered in venues such as: hotels, health establishments where the need takes precedence over passion, airport runways and military terrains for the authorised enthusiasts and more generally, among professionals working in places where the technical needs are of the type described above.