• Pearson Engineering’s latest development, VECTOR, provides wheeled vehicles with the ability to move through minefields in combat
  • VECTOR has been recently trialled by the Spanish Army for use with Piranha V (VCR Dragón)
  • Pearson Engineering has provided mine ploughs to customers around the world for more than 30 years and recently received an order for more than 1,500 track width self-protection mine ploughs from the Indian Ministry of Defence.

Pearson Engineering’s latest mine plough development will provide lightweight combat forces with the ability to independently move through minefields. The self-protection mine plough, named VECTOR to signal its ability to support momentum, speed and force projection, incorporates battle-proven mine plough design principles.

VECTOR features two plough blades, each covering at least the width of the vehicle’s wheels to create a safe route for the vehicle to advance. Each plough blade brings buried mines to the surface and moves them into ‘spoil heaps’ on either side of the vehicle. This type of self-protection mine plough provides lighter weight wheeled combat vehicles with organic and independent mobility, leaving dedicated combat engineers free to undertake strategic tasks in support of the wider force.

VECTOR was recently trialled by the Spanish Army for use with the VCR Dragón whose mission set requires independent manoeuvre across the battlefield. The option to move through, rather than around areas that may contain mines, supports freedom of manoeuvre and enhances operational tempo; especially on a dispersed battlefield where wheeled forces will seek to maximise their agility and speed of movement.

VECTOR is attached to host vehicles using Pearson Engineering’s proven vehicle integration methodology. A ‘Quick Connect’ allows VECTOR, and other Front-End Equipment, to be rapidly attached, operated, interchanged, jettisoned or released to broaden the Commander’s options. Pearson Engineering call their approach ‘Scalable Battlefield Mobility’ highlighting the value of being able to organise and mobilise quickly.