Rotzler is presenting its new generation of TITAN hoisting winches. The new range stands out by extreme compact built, significant weight reduction and top operation safety. The hydraulic motors used on TITAN winches have been designed and developed by Rotzler to meet the exact requirements of winch operation.

For more than two decades, Rotzler TITAN winches have been recognised for outstanding performance day in day out. The TITAN winches are designed to fit into a variety of hoisting applications such as service cranes, loading cranes and marine. To fully meet the demanding requirements of the industry, Rotzler has developed this new range of products.

The new TITAN is the first winch from Rotzler equipped with a hydraulic motor from Rotzler, which have been developed to build the winches even more compact.

The new design allows for near silent operation under heavy loads and at high speeds. The versatile motor also allows hoisting clockwise and counter-clockwise, with no run-in procedure necessary. For smooth lowering of the load, a counter-balance valve is integrated in the Rotzler motor as standard.

The planetary gear box with its optimised tooth profile, machined and ground planetary gears and heavy-duty needle roller bearings, support reliable and energy efficient power transmission. A high-performance brake system with disc brakes allows safe lifting, lowering and holding of the load.

Rotzler does not compromise on quality. To ensure every winch is ready for use, all are tested on automated test benches. Line pull, speed, brake and overload tests are performed. Test certificates are available for every winch.

The new TITAN is available in four sizes, covering hoisting forces from 12,5kN to 55kN (on the first rope layer). To align the TITAN with your specific requirements, a wide variety of options can be integrated into the winch.

All winches can be operated in a temperature range from 60°C to -40°C ambient temperature.

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