Southwest Antennas has announced the appointment of QuantumFlow as the company’s new authorised sales representative firm for southern California.

QuantumFlow was founded by Rafael Ferrera and Sergio Flores in 2015, when the business partners took the opportunity to take over responsibility for the region from another representative who was retiring following a successful run of twenty-five years.

Rafael and Sergio formed QuantumFlow with the aim of combining their knowledge of the radio frequency (RF) and microwave industry with their passion for engineering, marketing, and tracking industry trends in constantly-evolving markets.

Southwest Antennas vice-president Adam Krumbein said: “We’re excited to be partnering with QuantumFlow to represent the latest developments in our antenna technology to customers in Southern California.”

“Not only is this corner of the country home to Southwest Antennas’ headquarters, it has deep roots in the history and development of the modern RF and microwave market. A large number of companies involved in technology related to defense, aerospace, radio communication, and commercial wireless are based here, and we’re excited to be partnering with a company like QuantumFlow that shares our passion for communication technology”.

QuantumFlow is headquartered in Los Angeles and will be representing the full line of Southwest Antennas products, including omni-directional and directional antennas, multi-port MIMO & MANET antenna, and other antenna product and accessory solutions designed to enhance the performance of attached radios and communication systems.