What is rotational moulding used for? Rotational moulding (also known as rotomoulding) is a manufacturing process used to create a wide range of plastic products. In recent years, rotational moulding has rapidly increased in popularity and is viewed as an extremely effective method of plastic production. Many products made with rotational moulding are commonly used in day-to-day life, which further emphasises the importance of this production method. Rotational moulding has many advantages, allowing for the manufacturing of large, sturdy and customised products, such as custom protective cases.

What are the benefits of rotomoulding for protective cases?

Rotomoulding can be used to create custom protective cases, designed specifically for the customer’s needs. Having a customised case can sometimes be more practical than a standard size, as it ensures that the case is fit exactly for its desired purpose. The process of rotational moulding is used for custom cases, as it creates products which are immensely durable. Due to the one-piece design of rotationally moulded products, there are essentially no “stress points”, which means cases made by this method are far better at withstanding any drops or knocks.

In addition, when rotational moulding is used, it is relatively easy to add moulded inserts or to create multi-layer mouldings. Both of these features can be highly useful to include within a custom protective case. Individual features, such as specific handles or hinges, can also be easily added, whilst still creating one singular piece.

At CP Cases, we create a range of quality rotationally moulded products, including the popular Amazon Case. These cases are designed with the strength and durability needed for carrying both delicate and valuable equipment.

What can rotomoulded protective cases be used for? Rotomoulded protective cases have a variety of uses and benefit a wide range of industries. These types of cases are often used within the military or defence industries due to their tough, secure and waterproof nature. These types of products are often handled with force throughout their usage, which makes rotational moulding the perfect choice. In addition, this particular moulding method has the capacity to create both small and large cases— whilst ensuring they remain comfortable to carry.

Furthermore, rotomoulded cases are great for security industries and the transportation of delicate, valuable equipment that cannot risk damage. To ensure the safety of equipment inside, rotomoulded protective cases can be customised specifically around the size of your product, therefore preventing too much movement. The wall thickness of these products tends to be much more uniform compared with other moulding methods, allowing them to have a superior resistance. Protective cases often need to be carried around, therefore it is important that these products are lightweight yet still strong. Rotational moulding allows for thick corners and edges but with thinner walls. As these cases can easily be customised, an optimal ratio of durability and weight for the client’s needs can be achieved.

What other products can be made with rotational moulding?

Rotational moulding is used for a range of other products too, some of which you may not have realised! These products include:

· Children’s toys and playground equipment — as rotational moulding prevents weld lines or joints; they are safe and childproof.

· Materials handling products — rotational moulding can be used to create a range of materials handling products, such as domestic containers, pallets, crates, shipping containers and packaging supplies.

· Agricultural equipment — rotationally moulded products are lightweight and portable. Unlike wood or metal, plastic does not rust or rot.

· Automotive industry parts — rotationally moulded products are often used for a range of vehicle parts such as fuel tanks, tool boxes, air conditioning ducts and dashboards.

As you can see, custom rotomoulding can be used for a variety of different purposes, which is why we use it for many of our products, from grenade cases for the French Gendarmerie, to Baxter Homechoice cases for dialysis patients. Our professional team can help you to find the perfect rotomoulded custom protective case for your specific needs.