Xplore Technologies announced yesterday that one of the largest family known department stores in the US is deploying an additional $100,000 of Motion by Xplore F5m rugged tablet PCs within its logistics and operations division.

The customer is already using more than 700 F5m-driven mobile workforce solutions in their warehouse facilities for both forklift and shop floor applications. With the support of Xplore Platinum Partner Group Mobile, the Xplore rugged tablets, docks, RFID modules, spare batteries and battery chargers delivered in this latest order will further boost the retailer’s efficiency amidst increasing operational demands.

Xplore president and COO Mark Holleran noted: "This order illustrates the many follow-on orders of varying scale that we secure throughout the year, driven by the continuing value we bring to customers as their business models evolve and customer demands grow.

"In this instance, mobility has become mission-critical in today’s highly competitive retail environment, especially in back-of-store and distribution operations.

"Our customer understands that they must deliver a quality product on an accelerated timeline to maintain customer satisfaction, secure long-term customer loyalty, and drive new growth.

"From their initial installation they have seen how effective Xplore’s rugged tablets can be in keeping pace with the workflow demands of an on-demand retail structure, and keeping operational costs low at the same time. This success creates demand for additional mobile computing capability to further these business benefits."

At only 3.3lbs, the 10.4in Motion by Xplore F5m rugged tablets are purpose built for a wide range of warehouse and distribution-related applications in retail environments. This Xplore customer is currently using the Intel™ and Windows®-powered F5ms to drive forklift operators’ inventory pick-and-place tasks, as well as other inventory management and reconciliation processes conducted by employees required to walk and work.

The Xplore tablets’ slip-free grip and molded handle make it easy to carry the tablet in hand, and the Secure Mobile Dock mounted on the customer’s forklifts keep workers plugged into important system applications and peripherals at all times.

The retailer’s employees also leverage the F5m’s 4G LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity capabilities, pen and touch inputs, and integrated RFID readers to capture product information, update order status, and address customer service issues in real-time, no matter where they’re currently located in or out of the warehouse facilities.

The MIL-STD-810G and IP54-rated Motion by Xplore F5m tablet PCs also combine Corning® Gorilla® Glass and a 4in drop rating to protect the customers’ data and device investment from damage due to environmental hazards or worker handling.

"Just as our customers are focused on delivering quality products and support services, Xplore is focused on designing and delivering highly refined rugged tablets that can adapt to our customers’ evolving business environments," Holleran continued.

"From the very beginning, we were able to bring a flexible, scalable, and durable mobile computing solution online within this customer’s defined system specifications. As a result, they’re going to enjoy platform and workflow stability for years.

"That means they’ll also benefit from a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and greater return on investment (ROI)."