Ansell Protective Solutions (formerly Trelleborg Protective Products), manufacturers of the Viking range of dry suits, are pleased to announce the introduction of a new suit called the HAZTECH.

Ansell Protective Solutions and the Viking range of commercial grade dry suits are world leaders in the provision of vulcanized rubber suits for contaminated water diving, and have been at the forefront of rubber based technology for around 100 years.

The Viking HAZTECH heralds the introduction of a new technology based around lightweight and robust TPU (thermoplastic) materials, which offer lighter weight suits which will complement the existing rubber suit range. The Viking HAZTECH offers an alternative solution, particularly suited for use in warmer water / warmer climate diving conditions where heat exhaustion can be a major problem.

Viking HAZTECH is manufactured from lightweight TPU material which is single coated onto a black knitted nylon interior. The material has a soft flexible feel ensuring maximum comfort. The seams are HF welded for absolute integrity, strength and peace of mind. There are no stitch holes anywhere to weaken the material nor heat applied tapes which may release over time.

A thin, abrasive resistant PU film is welded to potential high wear areas such as the shoulders, elbows and knee/shin. The medium duty rear entry zipper is also welded to the suit material.

The external surface is easy to clean and to decontaminate as well as simple to repair if damaged. The Viking HAZTECH can be specified with a whole range of components ranging from latex neck seals with fitted latex, or rubber hoods, rubber helmet yokes, rubber cuff rings with latex cuffs, and with neoprene lined boots or safety boots.

All Viking dry suits, including the Viking HAZTECH, are certified to EN14225-2:2005, and have also obtained the additional HZ (chemical protection) and BIO (protection against micro organisms) approvals. The EN14225-2 certification is a legal obligation for all dry suits since 2005. Certificates and test results are freely available on the Ansell Protective Solutions website (

A number of Viking HAZTECH suits are currently on pre-purchase trials with a number of professional users worldwide. One such trial has already been concluded, and resulted in 30 suits being purchased by a dutch fire brigade in the East of Holland.