The new armoured vehicle TITUS® manufactured by the French producer NEXTER SYSTEMS utilises a TATRA heavy-duty, all-wheel-drive chassis, which gives it unique manoeuverability even in the heaviest terrain conditions.

Tactical Infantry Transport and Utility System (TITUS®) is a versatile system capable of functioning in diverse spectrum of conditions, ranging from assymetric warfare scenarios like those in Iraq or Afghanistan to the support of police missions, such as crowd control or property protection.

Its main characteristics include an unprecedented level of modularity based on tactical equipment sets that can be changed and modified based on the current theatre of operations and tactical requirements of the mission.

TITUS® is built around a chassis produced by TATRA TRUCKS a.s. based in Koprivnice, Czech Republic. The chassis consists of central back bone tube covering the driveline and independent air-suspended swinging half-axles.

The unique TATRA chassis design proved itself time and again as a reliable system ensuring excellent terrain crossing ability, manoeuverability and crew comfort. The outer turning radius is only 13 metres thanks to steerable first and last axle.

Vehicle ascendability is 60%. The chassis is complemented with tactical 16,00R20 tyres with central tyre inflating system, which enables to the crew to modify the tyre pressure in real time as well as to stay in the fight even if a tyre is shot.

TITUS® is equipped with CUMMINS engine with an output of 440hp. The vehicle can reach a top speed of 110 kph. Maximum range using the internal fuel tanks is 700 km. Empty weight is 17 tonnes while combat weight can reach 23 tonnes.

TITUS® carries three crew members (commander, gunner, driver) and ten-man squad. Optionally, the crew can be reduced down to two operators to accommodate a twelve-man squad in the rear compartment.

The vehicle can be equipped with a wide range Remote Control Weapon Stations and weapon systems varying from 7.62mm to 20mm as well as with 40mm grenade launchers. It is fully integrated within the C4I network.

TITUS® is equipped with top-class ballistic protection, which is modular and can reach ballistic level 2-4 according to STANAG 4569.

Mine resistance capability is classified as level 4a-4b. The vehicle can withstand IED blasts of up to 150 kgs. Combined with state-of-the-art active and passive crew protection systems, TITUS is an armoured vehicle of choice for the demanding scenarios of the 21st century.

TATRA TRUCKS sells its military vehicles through TATRA EXPORT licensed for dealing with military material. TATRA EXPORT is being presented at IDEX 2015, Abu Dhabi, 22 – 26 February, stand no. CP-420.