Telops, leader in the field of high-performance infrared (IR) cameras and hyperspectral imaging systems for the defense and security, environmental, industrial and research markets, is pleased to announce the launch of two new infrared cameras.

These new offerings are the FAST-IR 2K high speed imaging camera and the TS-IR VLW a unique infrared camera, which uses a structured light sensor (SLS) detector. The cameras add two more unique high-performance infrared cameras to the Telops IR camera product line specifically designed for research scientists.

The FAST-IR 2K is the next-generation of high frame rate infrared cameras in the FAST-IR camera family. Upgraded to an IP67 enclosure and GigE vision compatible, this unique high speed infrared camera can reach frame rates of up to 2000 Hz @ 320 x 240 and can even go up to speeds of 90 000 Hz when windowing is used.

It is ideal for the analysis of dynamic events, with the camera being able to pick up distinct details as never before.

Telops has also integrated SLS detectors into two new versions of the TS-IR VLW, available in resolutions of 320 x 256 pixels and 640 x 512 pixels. The latter version is a unique SLS infrared camera offered exclusively by Telops.

Telops product line manager Éric Guyot said: "These new cameras will enable Telops to stay at the forefront of the scientific infrared camera market by providing unique cameras allowing scientists to go even further in their research."

These new, unique, scientific IR cameras are sure to be a welcome addition in any research project or application.