Chemring EOD is pleased to announce the successful completion of user trials for TABS Radio Initiation Systems.

A number of European Nato partners have recently carried out user trials on the TABS long range radio system to meet their requirements for an extended range, safe and reliable radio firing system.

The user feedback has remarked on the system’s simplicity, reliability and tactical suitability. Users found that TABS is simple to operate and can be used to fulfil a number of key operational requirements.

The timer answer back system (TABS) is a radio frequency, tactical demolitions system with an operating range of many kilometres. TABS provides the warfighter with a flexible and securely coded capability for combat demolition. An integral built-in timer ensures maximum effect with minimum risk to operators.

High performance coupled with low power requirements means that the receivers can be emplaced for long periods, using commercial off the shelf (COTS) power sources. The answer-back system allows the user to interrogate emplaced receivers, to ensure demolitions and explosive effects will take place precisely upon command.

The simple user interface can control up to nine receivers at once, programming time delays and patterns for large scale demolitions, pyrotechnics or decoy events, from significant standoff.

Paul Taylor, sales and marketing director, commented: "We are delighted at the amount of interest that our customers are taking in TABS. There are a number of initiation systems in the market place and TABS is clearly of interest for customers seeking safe and reliable long range initiation systems."