For more than ten years, Proytecsa Security’s remote-controlled aunav robots, designed in close collaboration with the Spanish National Police Force, have been used by police bomb squads and military explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) specialists.

The excellent operational results achieved has compelled Proytecsa to develop new additions to the aunav robot family for specific theatres of operation.

Aunav robots are extremely strong and powerful, more than any other on the market. The original aunav.EOD is renowned for its precision and exactitude when in operation, and is an ideal choice in police and military operations to defuse improvised explosive devices (IED), EOD and CBRN activities.

The aunav.MEGA is specially designed to provide security and protection to oil wells and critical infrastructure. It’s long-range optronics systems, together with its long jib and height of 18.5m, makes it particularly well-suited for surveillance and patrolling tasks.

Troops deployed in operations are constantly faced with the threat of explosives. With the aunav.CID Robotic Arm, troops are provided with an improved capacity to detect and defuse explosives, whether it is used remotely or not.

For operations located on tough or mixed terrain, the aunav.SUPER possesses crawler tracks that can easily move across different environments, whereas those wanting a robot that can lift large loads should choose Proytecsa’s largest robot, the aunav.MAXI.

Please see Proytecsa’s free white paper here for more information.