Desca has signed a deal with the Spanish Proytecsa Security Company, to deliver and integrate "thewall", a pre-sensorised fence that will protect penitentiary buildings. The contract also includes the integration and distribution of the argus access control, intelligent security doors and interlocking doors required in offices of financial entities, the explosive deactivation robots and aunav CBRNs

The deal encompasses the whole Latin American market. That’s why the outcome of this cooperation will have a very significant impact on the security market for the penitentiaries all around Latin America.

The Wall, by Proytecsa, is the only solution in the market adapted to cover the demanding needs of the penitentiaries. Protection is provided by a sensorised fence that detects possible cuts and jumping attempts, and guarantees zero false alarms. The system will also be integrated with the rest of the solutions currently provided by Desca for surveillance, communications and control units.

Proytecsa CEO Rafael de Solis said that thewall has become a main product in the industry of the perimeter protection solution using security fencing to protect the critical infrastructures. Both together, Proytecsa and Desca are able to provide the best international solution for our clients, and it is a new example of our strategy based on our ownership designs and the agreements we have with the leading partners in those region we are dealing with.

Desca general manager Osmundo Luquez said that the collaboration between Desca and Proytecsa will have a very significant impact in the penitentiaries of the region, thanks to operations improvement, the increase on security and the reduction of prices linked to the use of this solution in our clients facilities.