Plasan, a leading armour and survivability solutions provider, is introducing the V-BOX, a smart vehicle server developed by Plasan integrates all electronic systems on-board, with the automotive subsystems and sensors, at Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) 2015, which is taking place on 15-18 September in London.

Such integration, unique in its ability to combine automotive and mission systems operability, provides unprecedented level of situational awareness, contributing better safety and security, improved operability at the single vehicle level, combat team and entire vehicle fleets.

V-BOX in-vehicle and cross-vehicle systems integration increases vehicle protection, combat effectiveness and operational efficiency.

V-BOX is a unique server based product that packs much of Plasan’s unique know-how applied in a generic, NVGA-compliant open architecture, using plug-and-play modular systems and advanced algorithms to meeting different user needs and vehicle types.

Combat systems are integrating many electronic systems added over the years as the platforms (vehicles) and warfare evolved in the recent decades, adding communications, command and control, situational awareness, self protection, target acquisition and weapon systems, all consuming electrical power and interface with users.

The combat vehicle platform has also evolved to accommodate the added consumption, and face growing threats, applying new, heavier armour. More powerful engines and suspension were added, to support the additional weight, and generate the power to support the new systems, which means more weight and demand for power. Based on Plasan’s uniqueness is in understanding of the automotive and sensors needs, Plasan’s V-BOX enables the best solution for the combat platform.

To substantiate its advantage, Plasan engineers have developed smart and unique algorithms, enhancing the system’s capabilities in tactical and situation awareness and data fusion.