Plasan, a leader in the design, development and integration of advanced armoured protection systems for all types of wheeled and tracked vehicles, is demonstrating new armour and survivability technologies at Eurosatory 2016, the international exhibition for the defence and security industry.

The company is showcasing its latest offerings in booth B300 and outside at booth E160.

Plasan has over 30 years of expertise in the creation of solutions that protect vehicles against blasts, and ballistic threats. Inside the exhibition hall in booth B300, Plasan is showcasing several of its new lightweight survivability technologies that offer both protection and vehicle mobility:

Blast Protection

  • Terra™ energy-attenuating seats for any armored vehicle, including light-wheeled and tracked-armored vehicles, and APCs. The TERRA line is part of the Plasan Mine Protection Kit, which provides increased protection for the crew against blasts and IED events.
  • T-BAR™ energy-absorbing foot pad. It can absorb up to 70% of the force generated by an IED or mine blast and reduce lower leg injuries. The pads are modular and can easily fit multiple vehicle configurations.

RPG Protection

  • Hybrid SlatFence bar armor. A lightweight, flexible composite bar armor that taps unique technology to protect against even the newest RPGs. The Hybrid SlatFence’s defense mechanism uses a conducive metal that creates an electrical short circuit between an RPG’s warhead cones.
  • FlexFence RPG-7 defeat armor. FlexFence takes advantage of conducive metal to short circuit warhead cones, providing high survivability protection and weighing just 25% of traditional steel bar armor.

Ballistic Protection

  • Sharp-X liner. This flexible, modular protective liner increases survivability against bullets spall, RPG spall and IED fragments. Easy to install in any armoured platform configuration, Sharp-X can be deployed and stowed in seconds. Its design and composition can also be customized to threat-levels.

Outside, at booth E160, Plasan is showcasing the SandCat™, its all-mission utility vehicle, which is currently deployed in more than 15 countries. On display is the newest, most advanced SandCat model, designed for the most challenging missions and equipped with an observation system and thermal cameras for full situational awareness.

Because current and projected battlefields and homeland security (HLS) situations pose more challenges, SandCat is made for diverse operational needs and missions. It’s designed to carry a wide spectrum of different payloads, making it fully operational for all of today’s most challenging scenarios, threats or other rapidly evolving situations.

The SandCat supports a wide range of missions including: law enforcement, special forces, peacekeeping, homeland security, border patrol and armed conflict. The SandCat’s advanced lightweight composite armour provides up to STANAG Level 3 protection without adding to the GVW or compromising its outstanding performance.