Chemring EOD has launched two new initiation products. Based in Poole, Chemring EOD delivers a comprehensive range of counter threat solutions to protect people and assets in both military and civil environments.

FRED (Force Rapid Entry Device) is an easy to use, securely coded, RF channel selectable firing system. It can be used in Explosive Method of Entry (EMOE), Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and other Electro-Explosive Device applications, for either wire or nonel shock tube initiation. Units are lightweight, easily transportable due to their small size, and are powered by standard ‘off the shelf’ batteries.

TED (Timed Exploder Device) is a low cost, timer-based disposable initiator with an integrated display and keypad enabling the operator to program a required time delay before initiation. This can be either ahead of time or at the point of use. Once it has been programmed and ‘on-target’ by the operator, it is impossible to re-program the device. This battery powered initiator can detonate an explosive charge at any time from one minute to 30 days from the moment of initialisation.

Chemring EOD sales and marketing director, Paul Taylor, comments, "Our customers recognise the importance of easy to use and reliable initiation systems. We are therefore delighted to be releasing two new products, which meet our customer requirements and can be effectively used in a variety of applications."