For the first time in history, the Land Defence Australia Industry Innovation Awards introduced an official ‘highly commended’ second place award, of which Myriad Technologies is a recipient for its role in revolutionising information sharing and collaboration in the defence field.

In partnership with the Land Network Integration Centre (LNIC), Myriad Technologies helped create the Mission Secret Network (MSN), which was praised by Australia’s Defence Industry Minister and award-presenter Christopher Pyne MP as ‘the height of innovation’.

Mr Pyne added that the MSN ‘successfully revolutionises combat information sharing and collaboration in the field and changes the paradigm from need-to-know to need-to-share’.

The MSN was developed by a joint Defence-Industry team, led by the LNIC, which united the topic expertise of Myriad Technologies, Mechdyne (US), Cisco Systems Australia, Northrop Grumman/M5 (Australia), NetApp and ESRI.

The network provides a means for Australian, US, UK, Canadian and New Zealand command and control systems to interoperate, share mission-critical information, and co-operate in a coalition framework with a never-before-adopted design and security model.

The High Commendation was created by the judges upon realising just how difficult it was to select a winner. In their own words, it was challenging because of ‘how close it was to choose between first and second … because of the high quality of the solution’.

The award is a solid recognition of Myriad Technologies’ experiences and capabilities in delivering outstanding, innovative solutions to the defence sector.

The company’s managing director Perry Smith said the acknowledgement was an honour. "I would like to extend a huge thanks to all who contributed to the project; this is a very proud day for Myriad Technologies," Smith said.

"It is a real privilege to see a group of Brisbane people take on such large multi-national operators and win." In the words of Industry, Defence and Security Australia chief executive Ian Honnery, the National Innovation Awards reward deserving Australian companies and individuals at the forefront of defence innovation.

"For more than a century, Australian service men and women have been making history thanks to their courage and professionalism.

"They’ve been supported in this by world-class researchers, engineers and manufacturers based in Australia," Mr Honnery said.

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