Marshall Land Systems puts the next block in the building of Marshall in Australia. To meet future partners in the end user, customer and supplier communities at Land Warfare Conference in Melbourne 29 Oct-2 Nov 2012.

Marshall Land Systems is putting in place the next building block on the foundation laid by six years of Marshall presence in Australia. Marshall Aerospace has been in Australia for six years working with an established contract to service the Royal Australian Air Force’s transport workhorse, the C-130H.

Marshall Land Systems has slowly been building a presence in Australia following requests to help a number of companies with responses to tenders. As part of this activity the company has identified several other projects and programs where it’s capabilities in Vehicle Completion, Trays and Modules, Shelters and Protected Workspace and Special Projects have relevance.

Marshall Land Systems’ acknowledged skills in programme management, on time delivery and through life support have won it a position as the UK MOD’s highest rated supplier in 2011. The company has embraced the importance of on time delivery and paying particular attention to responding to critical operational demands and places great emphasis on agility, speed and quality in its management and manufacturing processes. These skills make Marshall Land Systems a favourite supplier to Primes, OEMs and Defence Forces around the world and have a particular resonance in Australia.

Following the recent formation of the company’s Business Development team, the appointment of Iain Watt as Head of Business Development and its partnership and co-location with Tectonica in Melbourne, Marshall Land Systems is now launching a major supply network consultation aimed at provision of Australian based COTS solutions to Defence and other customers for a number of projects coming to fruition in Australia and potentially worldwide. This activity will more fully mature at LWC but will continue for a long time to come.

Commenting on Marshall Land Systems’ involvement in LWC Peter Callaghan the CEO of MLS said "Marshall Land Systems has slowly and surely been building its presence in Australia. We are an engineering company and follow the old adage of measure twice and cut only once. It gives you quality solutions that last and allows you to provide an agile response to problems and treat your partners with integrity. We look forward to our engagement at LWC with our future partners in the end user, customer and the supply network communities which we intend will continue for some long time. We are bringing a strong team to LWC in Melbourne as we are sure our long term investment in Australia and Australian Industry Capability is right."