Marshall Land Systems is illustrating some of its many capabilities at DVD 2012 with medical, forensic exploitation, and workshop shelters, vehicle engineering solutions and unmanned ground vehicle solutions all on display on stands SP09-11 at the Millbrook Proving Ground, Bedford on 21-22 June 2012.

"DVD is a real opportunity to illustrate equipment and capability solutions to our customers, especially those based in the UK. This year we have brought four complete shelter systems and connected them together to demonstrate how they could all operate within the concept of Land Systems Operating Architecture (LOSA)," said Peter Callaghan, Chief Executive of Marshall Land Systems.

On display are a deployable CT Scanner, forensic laboratory shelter, machine shop and a complete vehicle maintenance bay.

Following testing by the UK MoD in theatre, Marshall Land Systems is launching a new workshop – Fitter Section in a Box or FSIAB. This is a deployable maintenance infrastructure to provide workspace to support the deployed Protected Mobility fleet such as Foxhound, Husky and Jackal. It is designed to provide improved engineering space with two inflatable shelters and a shelter with all the tools required. It comes complete with its own generator and compressor and is compatible with FEPS generators. During operational trials FSIAB demonstrated increased efficiency when the engineers were carrying out maintenance and servicing tasks. It is based on ideas originating from the front line, the Capability Branches and DE&S as well as Marshall Land Systems own Support Workshop Hub or SWHub which was demonstrated at DVD two years ago and which is being used by Marshall Land Systems’ Field Service Representatives in Afghanistan.

The CT Scanner gives medical teams access to some of the latest technology to help identify injuries and diagnose illness closer to the point of injury and the combat zone thus speeding treatment and saving lives. The system comprises a 64 slice Philips Brilliance CT Scanner integrated into a Marshall Matrix expandable shelter. The UK MOD took delivery of the system earlier this year and Norway the year before. The testing and trials the Marshall Land Systems CT Scanner system has undergone ensure it can be delivered and rapidly deployed close to the combat zone

Delivering forensic exploitation close to the conflict area provides security forces with a significant force multiplier. The Marshall Forensic Shelter provides mobile forensic and biometric point of incident evidence management. The in-service solution has been developed to Level 2 Forensic Capability, comes complete with darkroom capability for a digital capture system and has an integrated fingerprint development, superglue and superfume cabinets. Like many of Marshall Land Systems’ shelters the system is designed to provide 24/7 operation in all climates by controlling the internal climate and environment.

Marshall Land Systems has delivered 44 Deployable Machine Shops (DMS) to the UK MoD, one of these units is on display. DMS is an easily transportable shelter fitted with a lathe, milling/drilling machine, grinder, degreaser, chop saw and extensive storage for hand tools and raw materials. The system, which is in use with the British Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Marines, enables repairs, maintenance and front line support to be provided where and when it is needed. The system can be rapidly brought into operation and can be used either from the rear of a Support vehicle or demounted and used at ground level. DMS is EMC Land Class C EMC qualified and fully validated for off road transport. The system has been designed to operate across all climatic areas.

The company’s skills in vehicle engineering are demonstrated on the fully integrated EOD shelter mounted on the back of an armoured cab RMMV HX60 Support Vehicle fitted with a blast protected cab. The vehicle is blast protected to STANAG Level 1 and provides the storage for a full suite of EOD equipment including EOD robot and its control station and battery charging facilities for several systems. This vehicle is one of several that the company has been contracted to supply to a European customer.

On the General Dynamics Land Systems – Force Protection Europe stand (OR 19) is an example of a load bed for a light protected patrol vehicle. This is fitted to a Foxhound LPPV Utility variant and demonstrates highly modular concept of the vehicle together Marshall’s skills in this type of vehicle engineering.

Meanwhile of the RMMV stand (OR 35- 38) are examples of the 11 variants of load bed manufactured for the UK’s Support Vehicle. By the time the contract reaches completion in 2013, Marshall will have been responsible for completing over 6,700 cargo vehicles equipped with loadbeds in flatbed or cargo configuration, some of which include vehicle mounted cranes, tail lifts, counter balance systems and riotous assembly protection kits.

The company’s skills in integration are also demonstrated through its work on Unmanned Ground Vehicles. On display are Questar, an agile, fast tracked vehicle suitable for a range of reconnaissance tasks; Trakkar, a wheeled, modular robot capable of being used for surveillance tasks or re-roled as a load carrier; EyeDrive, throwbot suitable for providing surveillance inside buildings.