Driver training for the UK’s AJAX programme is to be provided on static and full motion simulators developed and provided by a team supported by Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group and lead by XPI Simulation, part of the Thales Group, following the award of a major simulator contract by prime contractor, General Dynamics UK.

This multi-million pound contract will provide 28 sets of equipment, with the first being delivered in 2017. XPI Simulation as lead contractor is providing the software and the motion base whilst Marshall is providing the replica driver modules.

The driver simulators will develop better driver awareness and familiarity with the vehicle, reduce training time and allow for quantitative evaluation of the driver’s aptitude prior to live training on an actual vehicle with the benefit that vehicle time can be more effective in terms of skills development.

The role of the driver on AJAX will be significantly enhanced, compared to previous AFVs, as he will be able to manage the extensive suite of sensors and vehicle systems from his position using the screen based technology and the simulators are designed to provide full training to maximise his effectiveness.

Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group chief executive Steve Fitz-Gerald said: "Securing this contract on the UK’s largest current land programme confirms our capability to provide real engineered solutions.

"Our knowledge of training and in particular part task trainers gives confidence that we will be able to deliver a high-quality solution for this important simulator that will enable UK forces to maximise the benefits of the AJAX vehicle."

Marshall Aerospace will be creating a high-fidelity replica of the drivers compartment.

Marshall has a history of providing simulator solutions and part task trainers, including for the Watchkeeper Ground Control Station, the Warrior OPV, the Jackal, C-130 and A400M simulators and training.