haacon hebetechnik gmbh is beggining 2015 with a expanded product portfolio.

The commercial vehicles division is now offering kingpins in the popular 2in design. These products are also made available in different packages to perfectly match customers’ needs.

Kingpins, along with the fifth wheel, are among the most important components for vehicle safety on the road. The new kingpins being introduced are approved by type examination E20 55R-013753 and provide absolute reliability.

Haacon’s commercial vehicles division offers the kingpins as complete sets, including bolts, either assembled or enclosed loose. The special bolts come as standard with a chemical thread locker.

For replacement purposes, the pin itself is also available with the associated bolts in a set. In addition, the pin, flange and bolts can each be ordered as separate parts.

Kingpins from haacon are type-approved, highly resilient safety components, drop forged, hardened and tempered to a high quality. Despite this fact, make sure that the kingpins are subjected to a wear inspection in the course of vehicle safety checks.

Standardised haacon kingpins can easily replace standard pins from other manufacturers. If replacement is necessary, the bolts must generally also be changed.

Kingpins from haacon hebetechnik gmbh can be purchased immediately in the popular 2in design, from haacon or via a commercial vehicles parts dealer.